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Parkland Health and Hospital System

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Three centuries ago, Parkland Health and Hospital System was born. Although, many things have changed and even the facility has a different appearance, their mission remains the same and ??the pledge of generosity of medical care to all in need? too. They are committed to help all uninsured people who cannot afford the medical expenses and only receive a poor care. The challenge is high and the responsibility is even more. However, their spirit of servant and their commitment to their mission is what gives them enough strength to face any obstacle or financial difficulty.

They want to be the change factor in the health industry and be the leading in offering a high-quality service, supported by the best professionals and the most advanced equipment, for all the members of the community. Group work is the strategy Parkland Health and Hospital System uses in order to achieve their goals and to make their dreams come true. They aim to provide patients with high-quality and low cost medical services and services intended to improve the health of the community as a whole. They also offer health care for indigents and other medically needy within the communities of Dallas County.

Parkland Health and Hospital System is the main research and teaching hospital of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. As part of this, they participate in different educational programs and research to promote the wellness of the patients and the improvement of the quality health services. That is why any person who wants to be part of this team has to be willing to improve the health of the entire community whether his/her work is recognized or not. This is so because at Parkland Health and Hospital System, they recognize that sometimes their efforts are little understood and remember. Vocation is what drives these compassionate and caring people to change, sustain and even save lives.


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