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Angleton Danbury Hospital District

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Angleton Danbury Hospital District was founded in 1967. Its objective was to offer a general health center to service the patients of Brazoria County. Angleton Danbury General Health center started in 1969. In 1999, Angleton Danbury General Hospital altered its name to Angleton Danbury Medical Center to reproduce not just the objective of the health center, but the genuine scope of its increasing campus. Renowned as a healthcare principal in Brazoria County, Angleton Danbury Medical Center offers ground-breaking, high superiority health care. From the ?up to date? Cardiac and Surgical Care Center to the lately extended 8300 square foot Frank W. Stevens Center for Health and Wellness, it continues dedicated to promoting the happiness and health and offering its community and near regions with most excellent health care services.

The hospital region has received acknowledgment on a on a state scale level by being priced the first ?Excellence in Community Services? Price by the Texas Hospital Association, in addition to federal credit for superiority in leadership and patient care. With more than a hundred doctors on staff, Angleton Danbury Medical Center possesses a varied group of healthcare specializes. Angleton?s excellence specialty doctors and primary care provide a large variety of services for the district and near areas. Sections of practice features dermatology, urology, internal medicine, plastic surgery, podiatry, pain management, cardiology, optometry, gastroenterology, orthopedics, nephrology, and optham-alogy. Angleton Danbury Medical Center health care centers and suppliers are dedicated to maintenance the patients well and making them healthy.


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