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Harris County Hospital District

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Harris County Hospital District includes several health services addressed to the community such as pharmacy, nutrition guide, and online resources to educate and inform people about common and new illnesses, treatment and up-to-date medical technology.

The values that Harris County Hospital District includes into its philosophy of high quality service are totally associated with the enhancement of people?s health; for that reason, respect and integrity become an essential part of the compassionate and caring service they gladly provide.

You can also become a volunteer at Harris County Hospital District; there is a wide variety of areas in which you can provide patients with your special knowledge and services. If you are interested there are six simple steps thatyou need to follow: first, you need to attend to an orientation conference, then fill out an application; after that, you need to pass a criminal background check; then schedule a brief interview with the coordination of the volunteering program; you also need to show a proof of a negative tuberculosis skin test, and finally, they will give you a security badge.

Being part of the Harris County Hospital District personnel means to grow not only personally, but also professionally.


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