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El Campo Memorial Hospital: Fundamental Work!

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As implied by its name, El Campo Memorial Hospital is situated in El Campo, Texas. This well-known medical service provider has always had a very clear and defined main objective, which is providing their patients and their community with the highest-quality in everything they do.In other words, at El Campo Memorial Hospital, you can be sure you are going to have access to the best medical services and technology, as well as the most professional, caring staff regardless of the services you are in need of.

Some of the services for which El Campo Memorial Hospital is nationwide recognized, comprise 24-hour emergency department, which is equipped with on-site doctors, Life Light Helicopter Pad, and physicians on back-up call; surgery, including outpatient, inpatient, and endoscopy lab; discharge planning; medical records; modern lab, which relies on CLIA certification; cardiology / respiratory; intensive care unit (ICU); physical/speech/occupational therapy; and radiology services, among which you can find MRI, ultrasound, bone densitometer, CT Scan, nuclear medicine, and mammogram (approved by FDA and accredited by ACR).

In addition, at El Campo Memorial Hospital, the most qualified, experienced, committed, and caring physicians are found, no matter what their specialization area is. For example, the hospital offers cardiologists, gastroentelogists, ophthalmologists, ear, nose and throat physicians (ENT), dentist, neurologists, pediatricians, pulmonologists, dermatologists, podiatrists, urologists, audiologists, internists, orthopedists, and psychiatrists. Moreover, El Campo relies on a fundamental support from The Sunshine Ladies, who often work around the hospital, selling newspapers, greeting people entering the hospital, or shredding paper. The hospital has been working in conjunction with them for over 25 years. Thus, now you are able to know why El Campo is called a fundamental hospital, don?t you?


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