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Doctors Hospital Parkway: Professional Care

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In 1997, HEALTHPLUS+ was founded by its current management team; these guys have long-term experience developing physician partnerships in urban and suburban communities and managing hospitals. This corporation offers a focus on the core acute-care business, accessibility, an experienced management team and a proven track record.

For 35 years, Doctors Hospital Parkway has served the North Houston community. The hospital is located on the corner of I-45 and West Parker Road. The services offered by Doctors Hospital Parkway are: wound care, open MRI, spiral CT, operating rooms and a birthing center. This hospital is part of HEALTHPLUS+; it has 152 licensed beds, 6,000 admissions and over 25,000 emergency visits a year.

HEALTHPLUS+ has over 1,400 strong employees who are dedicated to meet the needs of the communities that they serve. If you or someone that you know wants to work for any hospital of HEALTHPLUS+, he/she needs to consider that the company embraces certain essential qualities in their employees; these are: Dedication, Enthusiasm, Empathy, Responsiveness, Creativity, Excellence, Honesty and Trust. Doctors Hospital Parkway knows that the patient is the reason of the existence of the hospital and that is why the way they serve them is so professional and caring.


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