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Memorial Health System of East Texas: Oriented by Values

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The Memorial Health System of East Texas (MHSET) is a non profit organization which provides health care services to the people resident in the cities of Lufkin, Livingston and San Augustine in Texas. The corporation is dedicated to provide excellent health care services to this people. The MHSET was founded in 1949 by the business community of Lufkin and Angelina County. This is one of the most complete healthcare suppliers in Deep East Texas. The system operates three hospitals in the cities above mentioned. However, it also operates other facilities.

Some of those facilities are: the Arthur Temple Sr. Regional Cancer Center, the Horace C. Polk Jr. Regional Diabetes Center, a Cardiac Center, the W. Temple Webber Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center, the Loucille Henderson Kidney Center, the Wilson McKewen Rehabilitation Center, the Kurt Radiation Center and the Memorial Specialty Hospital. The staff of the medical centers is oriented under several values that are applied to all the patients of all the facilities.

These values are: team work, all the members of the MHSET work together to obtain better services, professionalism, they demonstrate through their action the quality of their services, competence, each employee has the required skills and knowledge to make his job, quality, always trying to strive the standards of the services provided, respect and dignity of every patient. If you are resident of the cities of Lufkin, Livingston or San Augustine and need well medical services, go to the facilities of the Memorial Health System of east Texas.


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