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South Texas Regional Medical Center: Improving the Health Status of the Community

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Located in East Jourdanton, Texas, the South Texas Medical Center is committed to improving the health status to the community they serve. This medical center has a proactive policy that allows the hospital to work closely with the organizations and people in the community to provide preventive education about wellness and health.

The South Texas Regional Medical Center has 67 licensed beds and 351 hospital employees committed to providing personalized caring and efficient service. Some of the specialties offered in the medical center are cardiology, general surgery, gynecology, orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation, radiology and wound care; such services in cardiac rehabilitation, endoscopic surgery, intensive care unit, emergencies, and senior circle.

The cardiology department is focused on providing the latest treatment solutions to patients with heart problems. Echocardiograms, dobutamine echos, stress tests and cardiac rehabilitation therapy are some services offered by this department. The emergency service has a complete team of trained physicians, nurses and technicians that will provide fast and quality care supported by the latest technology. The department of rehabilitation at South Texas Regional Medical Center is designed to work with patients suffering stroke, cardiac, hand, pediatric, back/neck or sports injuries; as well,programs for speech dysfunction, incontinence, and chronic pain are part of the several services offered by the hospital.

At the South Texas Regional Medical Center people work for the health and wellness of the community, they are continuously working to face the health problems in the moment they appear.


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