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Edinburg Regional Medical Center: More than Excellence!

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Edinburg Regional Medical Center was created in 1997 due to the fact that the region was in great need of a medical center offering best-quality services, providing cutting-edge technology in every single detail, and focusing on the patients? well-being. Edinburg Regional Medical Center is a 4-story facility that relies on 167 licensed beds. Just for you to have an idea about what a great infrastructure they have, Edinburg?s campus comprises the Support Services Center and the Edinburg Regional Medical Plaza I.Besides, the Patient Tower itself designates one single floor for each of their areas, which are Surgical, Pediatric, Telemetry, and Medical.

In addition, Edinburg also boasts an Outpatient Center, which is characterized for being at the cutting-edge of technology and for offering Spiral CT, Resonance Imaging (MRI), as well as Interventional Lab. It?s worth to say that Edinburg dedicates one entire department (Diagnostic Imaging Department) only for those three medical areas. Furthermore, the services they provide range from prevention, to rehabilitation, including diagnosis and treatment as well.Some of Edinburg?s services are cardiopulmonary services, center for circulatory diseases, gastroenterology services, intensive care unit, nursing care, comprehensive laboratory services, pathology, outpatient services, pharmacy, social services, pediatrics, telemetry, and physical therapy, among several others.

Furthermore, since Edinburg Regional Medical Center is a member of the South Texas Health System, they are really committed to doing everything it takes in order to enhance not only their patient?s, but also the community?s welfare.For this reason, they make some seminars available for every person interested in learning more about health for free.Also, as if it were not enough, they pay special attention to their employees as well, so Edinburg provides them with everything they need in order to work in a nice, pleasant environment and to serve their patients with a caring, personal, and respectful manner. Hence, Edinburg Regional Medical Center is, definitely, professional in whatit does day to day.


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