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Round Rock Medical Center

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The residents of Williamson and neighboring counties are very pleased to have Round Rock Medical Center as the medical services supplier due to their excellence and the experience of more than twenty years; this medical center provides residents and their families with modern and comfortable structures, with capacity for the inpatient service of 107 beds, all of them provided with private rooms, including the emergency room, and the women?s center. Their medical personnel has grown every year and nowadays there are more than 300 physicians and medical professionals, whose quality surpasses the standards that other hospitals and medical centers actually offer.

At Round Rock Medical Center, the patient obtains a 100% quality service in all senses: from friendliness, consideration, and assistantship, to the superiority of experienced professionals whose specialties are cited here: rehabilitation, surgery, nutrition, intensive care, outpatient surgery, PT care, imaging, continence and pelvic floor disorders, and a lot more. They also project onto the community?s improvement of their health and prevention of diseases; for that reason, they have launched several programs, specifically focused on certain areas, for example, diabetes education, where the person learns to successfully manage this health condition that affects a great amount of the population around the world.

Other educational programs consist of incorporating family members, such as couples expecting their first baby; they learn interesting topics about the different stages of pregnancy, fetal growth, and body building techniques, preparation for parenthood, lamaze childbirth preparation, breast feeding, and many other important issues.

At Round Rock Medical Center there are many opportunities to grow professionally, in a friendly work environment, and they are currently recruiting physicians in a wide range of specialties; if you are interested in becoming part of our team, you just have to contact them as soon as possible.


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