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Psychiatric Solutions Inc.

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Psychiatric Solutions, Inc. (PSI) offers an extensive continuum of behavioral health programs to critically ill children, adolescents and adults through its operation of 58 owned or leased freestanding psychiatric inpatient facilities with more than 6,500 beds in twenty seven states. In addition to those facilities, the company also manages freestanding psychiatric inpatient facilities for government agencies and psychiatric inpatient units within general acute care hospitals owned by others. The company operates in two divisions, Inpatient and Inpatient Management Contract. These inpatient facilities offer various inpatient behavioral health care services for children, adolescents, and adults through a combination of acute inpatient behavioral facilities and residential treatment centers.

Psychiatric Solutions, Inc.?s acute inpatient behavioral facilities supply nursing observation and care, daily interventions and oversight by a psychiatrist, and coordinated treatment by a physician-led team of mental health professionals. In addition, residential treatment centers offer longer term treatment programs primarily for children and adolescents with long-standing acute behavioral health problems; and physician-led, multidisciplinary treatments for medical, psychiatric, social, and academic needs of the patient. On the other hand, the Inpatient Management Contract division develops, organizes, and manages behavioral health care programs within medical/surgical hospitals; it also manages inpatient behavioral health care facilities for government agencies and private third parties. It offers customers various management options, including clinical and management infrastructure, personnel recruitment, staff orientation and supervision, corporate consultation, and performance enhancement plans.

Psychiatric Solutions cares for individuals and families struggling with behavioral health and substance abuse issues by creating pathways to positive outcomes respecting the patients? confidentiality. It is committed to creating a corporate culture which promotes integrity as a fundamental basis for all decisions by its employees and those with whom the company deals. Psychiatric Solutions strives to meet or exceed governmental regulations and laws and enforces quality patient care, customer satisfaction and integrity as its guiding principles.


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