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San Antonio State Hospital: A Mental and Medical Institution for Texans

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One of the ten most important state mental health facilities is San Antonio State Hospital, located in Southwest, Texas. This system provides patients with intensive rehabilitation, inpatient diagnostic, treatment and other referral services for people who are seriously mentally ill, no matter their social status or financial income.

The admission can be both, voluntary or involuntary, depending on the situation as considered by a court or by other family members who may be in danger due to the mental condition of the patient. In these cases, the San Antonio State Hospital makes an incredible effort to engage the family members with the patient in order to try to make the rehabilitation and treatment processes more bearable and less complicated for both parts.

San Antonio State Hospital boasts having an important relationship with several institutions, such as The American Psychiatric Association, the Patric Sexton Dennis Memorial Center for Mental Health and other significant partners; another asset that shows the excellence of San Antonio State Hospital is the accreditation of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

In the last decades, the San Antonio State Hospital has produced awareness about mental health issues and research, with the purpose of improving, conserving and restoring the mental health of the citizens of Texas, in order to help people with mental retardation overcome their difficulties and accomplish their own potential.

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