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Adventist Health Guaranteeing Financial Strong Stability Programs

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Adventist Health is located in Roseville, California, administered health care centers all the way through Washington, Oregon, Hawaii and California. Its organization features twenty health care facilities with over 19,000 workers, 3,100 beds, numerous outpatient centers and clinics, sixteen home care facilities and 3 company retirement facilities. Its assignment is to provide God's care by offering spiritual, mental and physical medicine.

As a faith foundation, non-profit organization, they are aggravated by mission before reserve dividends. Long dedicated to providing for the complete person, including spirit, body and mind, they value the healthcare tradition of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, human personality and dignity, superiority in service and clinical quality, dependable resource administration in serving its communities, unconditional integrity in all dealings and relations, each other as associates of a caring family and the concerned, curative ministry of Jesus.

At Adventist Health, they have united vision with powerful executive leadership and structure. Its centers take pleasure in the reimbursement of belonging such as bargaining power, purchasing and pooled services to mention a few to larger programs that repeatedly seek to improve its place in the healthcare industry. The Adventist Health business agency takes a management role in this procedure. Its board members and business administrators labored hard to guarantee the financial and strength stability of the program.


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