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Advocate Health Care a Specialized Health Care Network

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Advocate Health Care is an association of health care professionals and physicians dedicated to satisfying the health requirements of communities, families and individuals in theregion of Illinois. Renowned as the most important integrated healthcare supplier association in the United States, Advocate is a non-profit association that has more than a hundred years of being established by precursor ministers of the United Church of Christ and the EvangelicalLutheranChurch in America.

Advocate Health Care is located in Oak Brook, Illinois. It is the main fully incorporated non- profit healthcare supplier network in urban Chicago and is accepted as one of the finest ten networks in the nation. With over 4,600 associated physicians, features approximately 2,000 in medical doctor hospital associations (PHOs) and more than 475 in three large medicinal assemblies, Advocate has Chicago's principal inexpensively associated doctor network. Advocate's primary academic and teaching affiliation is with the University of Illinois at ChicagoHealthSciencesCenter.

The Agency for Spiritual and Mission Care represents the ministry and mission of its supports so as to maintain the incorporation of Advocate's faith-centered Philosophy, Values, and Mission into all features of the supplier of healthcare.

The concern they offer is wholistic. This viewpoint means they comprehend people have spiritual, emotional and physical requirements and their relationships to God, themselves, their society and families are fundamental to healing and health. In conclusion, they consider all people are formed in the reflection of God. All human beings exist beneath God's concern and necessity be treated with respect and dignity.


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