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San Jacinto Methodist Hospital

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Since April 1948, San Jacinto Methodist Hospital has expanded its medical services for the most part of the community, in order to benefit all of the residents of Baytown, Texas. The service offered is totally comprehensive and it is convenient for people of all ages. As a non-profit organization, the revenues and financial resources are used to expand the building area and make it more comfortable, as well as purchasing new edge quality equipment and ultimate treatment. Moreover, they hope this will continue through the years, so that the new generations will keep benefiting from this important institution.

A considerable aspect that San Jacinto Methodist Hospital offers is the environment of spirituality that patients find through the halls and inside the rooms, where the personnel cares for each patient?s condition and his or her quick healing; this hospital was actually the first one to be honored by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations in Harris County, in 1950. By 1963, San Jacinto Methodist Hospital was named after the Texas Conference of the United Methodist Hospital, and then changed its name to the current.

San Jacinto Methodist Hospital specializes not only in technology and the best services, but also in tertiary care services. In the year 1987, the Board of Directors decided to build a new health care wing, in which major services could be enhanced and become available for the residents of Montgomery, Liberty, and Chambers.

San Jacinto offers a full range of services, including general inpatient and outpatient care, health education and wellness programs; San Jacinto is also pioneering neurological services, skilled nursing facility, level II nursery, cancer treatment, magnetic resonance imaging and so on.

If you need more information about San Jacinto Methodist Hospital, please do not hesitate to contact them through the Business Development department, or look for more information on the web site.


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