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St. John?s Regional Health Center: Modernism and Kindness.

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In 1881, three sisters of the Mercy from St. Louis established St. John?s Hospital in Springfield in a small brick home with four rooms for patients.The sisters realizeda need of more staff and equipment, so a new St. John?s Hospital and nursing school were opened. As Springfield grew, the needs of the hospital became bigger. The Sisters of Mercy purchased an 11 acre site (the current hospital?s place) to offer 250 beds in 1952.

Currently, it is St. John's Regional Health Center which includes the St. John?s Hospital and the Mercy Villa. The St. John?s Hospital mission is based in Jesus and the healing ministry of the church, so, the institution offers healthcare services in a Christian environment. They work managed by the values of dignity, justice, service, excellence and stewardship. "We seek to improve the health and quality of life of communities we serve, with particular concern for people who are economically poor?. St. John?s Hospital is a member of the Sisters of Mercy Health System integrated by The St. John?s Hospital and five regional hospitals located in Lebanon, Aurora, Cassville, Mountain View and Berryville, St. John?s clinic and the St. John?s Health Plans.

The progress walks with the institution, with the vision of offering modern and kind services. In 2005, St. John?s opened the new Emergency Trauma and Outpatient Diagnostic Center, the Radio Surgery Center and a better Spots medicine and Physical therapy building in Springfield. In addition, St. John?s offers job opportunities with several benefits to their team of workers.


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