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St. Jude Children?s Research Hospital, Inc.: A Chance of life.

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St. Jude Hospital makes the difference in pediatric and research hospitals. Children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases have the advantages of a team of researchers and doctors who work across the world helping these vulnerable patients. St. Jude Children?s ResearchHospital offers its services to patients without insurance or in those cases in which the treatment is not covered by the insurance. These kind of services have made of St. Jude the third largest healthcare Charity of America with a system oflow costsand funds flowing.

Marlo Thomas is the spokesperson of St. Jude. She?s the daughter of St. Jude?s founder, Danny Thomas. Her mission is to complete hers father dream that ?no child should die in the dawn of life? because of cancer or other catastrophic diseases. The doctors, nurses, scientists and researchers are responsible for carrying out this dream, making a very notable progress in the fight to save lifes. For Marlo ?every child deserves a chance at a life filled with love, laughter, friends and family? and that is exactly the mission of St. Jude, to find the cures that will give the kids the fighting chance, ?because this is a place where miracles can and do happen?.

The examples of many miracles done can be viewed in the one-hour TV show St. Jude has.

To join the team of clinicians, researchers, postdoctoral fellows, administrators and information technology specialists St. Jude Children?s ResearchHospital is an institution who offers several positions for professionals in those fields.


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