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Health Management Associates, Inc.: Quality in Whatever They Do!

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With Health Management Associates, Inc. (HMA), patients are always receive the best service and care. HMA is considered the premier operator of acute care hospitals in the southwest and southeast non-urban areas. They pay special attention to these regions due to some reasons. For instance, this area is experiencing a great growth in its populations and the hospitals they acquire are at the disposal of the population at very reasonable prices. In the very moment when HMA gets hold of a new hospital, the first thing that is done is to organize everything necessary in order to enhance the quality of how healthcare is delivered and to expand the medical services with the purpose of avoiding that the residents go to the urban centers to receive medical care and/or treatment.

Health Management Associates Inc. relies on an extensive list of hospitals and medical facilities, among which it is possible to find the Barrow Regional Medical Center, Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center, Lee Regional Medical Center, Riverview Regional Medical Center, Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center, Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center, and Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center. In addition, Health Management Associates Inc. is always conferring the opportunities for being employed in their hospitals.

At Health Management Associates, the most common available positions are Administrative Assistants, Assistants Administrators, Assistant Business Office Managers, Business Office Managers, Cash Managers, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Nursing Officers, Controllers, Internal Auditor, Programmer/Analyst, Tax Manager and Reimbursement Consultant. Thus, Health Management Associates Inc. is always concerned not only about providing the best quality medical services and care in their area, but also improving the welfare of the residents in the area. In fact, they are well-known due to the great job they always do each time they acquire a new hospital or medical center. An amazing operator without a doubt!


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