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Mount Carmel Health System

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Mount Carmel Health System is one of the largest healthcare providers in central Ohio. For more than a century, Mount Carmel Health System has been providing first-class health care services with acceptance, respect, empathy, and compassion. Currently, the institution has three extraordinary and respected hospitals in which it provides patient care, several surgery centers, many outpatient facilities, offices for the physicians, community outreach centers, and homes throughout central Ohio.

Mount Carmel Health System is a community of over 8,500 employees, including more than 1,500 physicians and over 1,300 volunteers. The entire staff of Mount Carmel Health System, including doctors, nurses, technicians, counselors, assistants, administrators, service workers and friends, is devoted to providing superior care to their patients and families, serving over a half million children, adolescents, adults, and elderly people each year.

The most advanced technologies, revolutionary procedures, pioneering treatments, avant-garde research, compassionate support services, and unlimited continuing education characterize Mount Carmel Health Systems and allow it to accomplish their mission of honoring the souls of every person with loving service every day. Compassion, acceptance of all, respect, and empathy are the top values that Mount Carmel Health Systems promotes in its employees and which makes it the best option for healthcare services.


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