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Scenic Mountain Medical Center: The Best Medical Service in Big Spring

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Scenic Mountain Medical Center is a highly committed institution and community focused group of professionals whose primary interest is your wellness and health care and that of your family. They work every day to improve the physical and mental condition of your community; moreover, they are very interested in implementing new educational techniques to teach individuals in specific areas of health interest, such as prevention, risks and healthy lifestyles.

Scenic Mountain Medical Center is located in the city of Big Spring, Texas. They provide patients with 150 comfortable licensed beds, 26 active and 19 courtesy physicians and specialties, of the highest quality levels and with the expertise and professionalism you are looking for; among the ones provided by Scenic Mountain Medical Center: Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Gynecology, Obstetrics, and Internal Medicine, Radiology, Urology and other. Also, Scenic MountainMedical Centeroffers several services for patients such as 24-hour Emergency Room, clinical laboratory, day surgery, cardiac catheterization laboratory, nuclear medicine, nutrition services, mammography and so on.

Specifically, we can mention the Senior Circle at Scenic Mountain Medical Center. This national, not-for profit organization consists of many benefits for people 50 years of age or older; those benefits include fellowship and activities, besides traveling, parties, health education, discounts and more for only an annual fee of $15. Other events included are wellness classes, in-hospital privileges and so on.

Anther service for patients and medical professionals is an interesting publication called Health Connection and is kept up-to-date with a wide selection of health topics for you and your family.

Your privacy, security and comfort are three essential aspects for Scenic Mountain Medical Center; therefore, you can feel free to contact them to get more information about their services and special activities.


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