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Mission Hospitals

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Mission Hospitals is a regional healthcare center for the western part of North Carolina and several localities in the adjacent states. The area covered by the hospital benefits from virtually all medical and surgical services, and Mission Hospitals provides those services, especially the most needed, even if they are poorly paid by the government and insurers. This way, Mission Hospitals serves all who need healthcare services, regardless of their ability to pay.

Mission Hospitals was founded in the late 1990?s from the blending of Asheville?s two private acute care hospitals. In 1996, an organizational partnership was formed, and in 1999 came the full merger, when Mission Medical Center bought St. Joseph?s Hospital from the Sisters of Mercy. Today, Mission Hospital operates under a Certificate of Public Advantage, a document issued by the State of North Carolina that ensures that the institution?s charges are fair and provides benefit to the community.

Mission Hospitals is licensed for more than 800 beds and bassinets, its medical and non-medical staff is comprised of more than 5,600 employees, including over 600 physicians in nearly all specialties and sub-specialties. The hospital has a level 2 trauma center, five adult intensive care units, two pediatric intensive care units, a 90-acre hilltop campus, freestanding outpatient surgery facilities, and is associated with several healthcare organizations, such as Advanced Home Care, Spruce Pine Community Hospital, and The McDowell Hospital.


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