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Hartford Hospital: The Hospital in Connecticut!

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If you are not only concerned about keeping healthy, but also about finding high-quality service regardless of the kind of medical service you are looking for, Hartford Hospital must be, definitely, among your options. This hospital constitutes one of the biggest medical centers in the region of New England. Hartford Hospital, which was founded as so in 1854, is specifically located in Hartford, Connecticut. The way this hospital started is really interesting since it was created due to an explosion that harmed many people, who, obviously, had to be treated. As a result, Hartford Hospital was founded.

Since that time, the hospital has grown so much that, in 1994, a psychiatric hospital called The Institute of Living got to be the Mental Health Division of the hospital. Hartford Hospital is very well-known for some specific areas to which they pay special attention, including Cancer Program, Center for Bloodless Medicine & Surgery, Orthopaedic Program, Trauma Program, Cardiovascular Program, Mental Health Services/The Institute of Living, Transplant Program and Women?s Health Services. In addition, they rely on an incredibly broad diversity of services. These encompass Air Ambulance, Bioterrorism Regional Resource Center, Echocardiography, Family Planning, Hyperbaric Medicine, LASIK Surgery, Pastoral, Radiation Therapy, and Wound Healing.

Moreover, Hartford Hospital relies on some important units that are also responsible of the fact that the hospital be considered to be the cornerstone in Connecticut. The Institute of Living, which is the Hartford Hospital?s mental health network, is one of them. Also, the MidState Medical Center, which is a community hospital in Meriden; and an intermediate and skilled nursing care facility named Jefferson House are two other famous units of Hartford. Furthermore, Hartford is also proud of relying on Connecticut Children?s Medical Center, which is located in the campus and is believed to be the most important pediatric center in New England. Thus, Hartford Hospital is the hospital in Connecticut!


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