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Lahey Clinic, Inc.: A Step Ahead!

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Lahey Clinic, Inc. was founded in 1923 by Frank Lahey, MD. At that time, he envisioned a new care model based on a simple basis: different specialties, under the same roof, working together to provide patients with a holistic care. He, as many other visionaries, had to face controversy and debate. However, and after just ten years, Lahey Clinic had become one of the most famous clinics. The team that helped Frank Lahey make this dream came true was composed of other pioneers in their own fields: Lincoln Sise, anesthesiologist, Blanche Wallace, operating nurse, Howard Clute, surgical assistant and Sara Jordan, gastroenterologist.

This group gave birth to one of the most important hospitals. One that is concerned about not only patient care but protection of patients in the future. That is why they are developing a program called Future of Medicine Initiative. With more than 4,600 nurses and 480 physicians, Lahey Clinic is able to provide their patients with a personalized care and treatment. High quality and the most advanced medical techniques is what you find with Lahey Clinic. Additionally, they have an ambulatory care center that is able to receive more than 3,000 patients daily, and a hospital with 293 beds. This and Lahey Clinic Medical Center in Peabody have a 24-hour emergency department.

Besides all the benefits you will find at Lahey Clinic, they also have departments the most advanced techniques and procedures. For instance, the Cerebrovascular Disease Center which is the most advanced in the area for the treatment of strokes and aneurysms, the Liver Transplantation Team who were the first in performing adult living-donor transplant procedures, and the Heart & Vascular Center which is the largest in England. With innovative procedures such as invasive laparoscopic, Lahey Clinic is also committed to improve the life and health of the communities.


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