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Five Star Quality Care

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Five Star Quality Care is administered by a group of five managers. The Board of Directors has integrated Governance Guidelines to support it in satisfying the managers' control responsibilities. These procedures reproduce the Managers' dedication to control the efficiency of strategy and result making both at the administration and Board level.

The Board of Managers has created committees containing the Governance Committee, Compensation Committee, Audit Committee and Nominating and Quality of Care Committee. These operational groups have exact responsibilities that are detailed in board charters. Two managers work on the Quality of Care Committee. Three autonomous managers work on each of the other Board Groups. They go behind a Code of Business Ethics and Conduct that is derived from the principle that the officers and directors of the Corporation, workers of its communal provide services and others who services provider to the Corporation be in debt a responsibility to the Corporation to administer the Corporation's actions in a principled way that supports the achievement of the Company's objectives.

Five Star Quality Care is dedicated to fulfillment with all appropriate health care regulations and laws, securities regulations and laws, audit practices, accounting controls and accounting standards. They give confidence reporting infringements or possible infringements to its Audit Board. They forbid any disciplinary action for reporting infringements or suspected infringements in good trust.


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