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Monroe Clinic

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Monroe Clinic is a health system that features a hospital and a multi-specialty clinic, committed to providing the best not-for-profit health care to the several communities of Wisconsin that Monroe Clinic serves. The hospital and clinic work handin hand to achieve the highest health care standards, and through the faith in God, Monroe Clinic promotes a healthy and full lifestyle in the communities.

Monroe Clinic is sponsored by the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes, which allows it to provide comprehensive health care with over 80 providers, home care and hospice services, 24-hour emergency services, and seven branch clinics in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Monroe Clinic is committed to helping their patients get well faster and stay healthier for a longer time.

As an advanced health system, Monroe Clinic offers state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology without disregarding sensitivity and care. Physicians and all the medical staff are dedicated to offer a personalized health care, peace of mind, and education to the community. The clinic has more than 25 medical specialties and superior preventive and rehabilitation services. Thanks to their religious bases, faith, and kindness, Monroe Clinic is able to meet the needs of the people they serve as no other place.


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