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Tendercare: Leader in the Healthcare Systems

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Tendercare was founded on the principal that people who serve the elder age people have a very important function which is to protect the dignity of the senior citizens and provide them the best quality of life possible as well as the best healthcare services. During the past three years, the nursing homes of Tendercare has been awarded with the recognition of Governor?s Excellence in Quality Award.

This company started its operations in 1990 and for that time they were the biggest supplier of long term healthcare services of Michigan. Step by step, the company started to grow and the staff started to include quality plans of healthcare services which became the trademark of the healthcare centers of Tendercare. At the same time the personnel started a program with an inversion of $16 million to renovate the facilities for the security and comfort of the occupants. By the 90?s, the company continued investing in the centers.

By the 90?s, Tendercare also acquired six more nursing centers and created and acute care and rehabilitation hospital. Today the company is lookingto expand their services in Michigan and in other states too. Tendercare is also recognized as a leader company of the healthcare services in the US. In 2003, the company acquired two new additional communities. Today, Tendercare is the biggest healthcare services provider in Michigan with 37 centers and more than 3,400 employees. If you or someone that you know is looking for a healthcare centerTendercare is a very good option.


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