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Benedictine Health System: Established by Mother Scholastica

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The Benedictine Health System (BHS) began its history in the late 1880?s when the town Duluth in Minnesota was starting. By 1888 the Mother Scholastica Kerst and her blood sister Alexia Kerst led a small group of Benedictine Sisters to this town with the idea of establishing the St. Mary Hospital. In 1892 a new Duluth Benedictine community was established by the Scholastica Mother, in the same year the hospital was also built and since that year the sisters started to build more communities in Minnesota.

In 1985, the Benedictine Health System was founded under the administration of the sisters. Today the BHS and other participating companies are dedicated to provide healthcare services. BHS is a Catholic mission which offers healthcare services to those who need them. They work under the philosophy of St. Benedict and his enduring rules.

Today Benedictine Health Systemmanages 10 acute care hospitals and is also responsible for more than 50 long term care communities of several types. Some of them are: nursing homes, independent and assisted living senior centers in 9 states.Six of theten hospitals are focused in rural communities. The values of stewardship, justice, respect and hospitality make BHS communities unique and with a high quality service and commitment with the users.

Benedictine Health Systemalso works under an only promise which is to provide the best service of long term care and rural healthcare. The company is also focused in elder care and they have included a new concept called ?Living Community? which covers all the aspects of healthcare needs and possibilities.


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