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Memorial Health System for Colorado Springs and Their Leadership

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Leadership continues to be the chief feature to describe Memorial Health System. The most imperative mission of Memorial Health System in Colorado Springs is to provide citizens and community in general with an outstanding service and medical care access for residents and patients.

Since the foundation of Memorial Hospital, which was the original name of the Memorial Health System, more than a hundred years ago, their employees have been committed to providing patients with the highest standards of quality, security, the legacy of experience, and the basis of medical service for the community of Colorado Springs.

The challenges of contemporary and future medical services are one of the priorities for Memorial Health System; therefore,they have become one of the biggest employers and their professional team supplies all the necessities concerning health care, new programs, and facilities to perform a superior service.

Among the special programs Memorial Health System suggests to the community, you can find Spirit of Women program, which organizes the habitual health services in a more entertaining, informative and stimulating way for women to participate actively and benefit from healthier lifestyles, preventive care, education and tools to improve their life and surroundings. This program definitely contributes to lead women?s lives to a happier spirit, body and mind.

Other community focused programs include the TomoTherapy and the memorial cancer services. These two programs help the patient to locate and identify cancer and its shape; its exceptional technology provides radiation which focuses only on the distressed area.

Become part of the community who each day benefits from Memorial Health System.


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