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Christian Homes: More Than 40 Years of Service

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Christian Homes is a non-profit agency that was established in 1962; it offers care to children and families in need of help by providing services for children who were removed from their homes by the state due to abuse and neglect, women experiencing unplanned pregnancies and couples that want to adopt. Christian Homes has the mission of glorifying God through compassionate services and care; as mentioned before, these services include: foster care to individuals and families, adoption, maternity care and counseling. Today, more than 40 years after its foundation, the programs and services of Christian Homes keep growing. The maternity home and the home office of this agency are located in Abilene, Texas.

Each individual has his/her own needs and that is why Christian Homes has attentive Christian professionals willing to listen and provide counseling to everyone. This organization is also a ministry that needs the help of any person willing to extend their hand and serve others. You can volunteer, financially support them or sponsor a child, any help is welcomed. The seven ways how you can help Christian Homes are the following: sponsorships, volunteers, pledges, memorials, endowments, donations, change drive and as volunteers. It isimportant to signal that Christian Homes will not rest until they find a loving Christian home for all the newborn babies and older children that are in need of a permanent family. If you or someone that you know wants to adopt a child, consider the possibility that Christian Homes offers.


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