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Covenant Care: Family Serving Families

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Covenant Care was founded by long term care industry professionals in 1994. The goal was to create a long term care company which was capable to comply with the requirements of the occupants of the center. Since 1994 the ?family? of CovenantCarehas been growing and now it is composed by more than 5,000 healthcare professionals who work in the 41 long term care center. Today the communities sum more than 4,000 occupants. The main goal of the company is to reach clinical and operational excellence in every single one of the centers and businesses that they operate.

According to Covenant Careclinical excellence means to offer programs and direct care where the quality meter exceeds the established standards and operational excellence means to create a focus on efficiency and cost control but always doing things very fine. Today Covenant Careoperates 44 communities which are located in CA, IA, OH, AZ, NV, IN, NE and IL. All those communities are equipped with the best rehabilitation and clinical staff available to manage the different care plans.

The communities of Covenant also provides therapy services to the occupants. To offer the best service in the facilities all the staff of the company works under one philosophy which is ?We are Family, serving Families?. If you or someone that you know is looking for a good nursing services center able to comply with your needs and requirements, do not think it twice and come to Covenant Care. They will be happy to receive a new member in their ?family?.


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