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Life Care Services: More Than 40 Years of Experience

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Life Care Services (LCS) is one of the leading managers and developers of continuing care senior centers in the US. The company started in 1961 and since that date the partners and people involved in the corporation have marked the lives, have served the requirements and have fulfilled the retirement illusions of hundreds of thousands of people. Life Care Services has been dynamically involved in this activity of development, planning and management of more than 180 senior resident centers across the US. Approximately 46,000 residents have selected to spend their days in these centers over the past more than 40 years.

But LCS is more than just places to live, LCS is centers or communities cautiously designed and developed resources of companionship, security, service and convenience, where the occupants can celebrate their autonomyand live their days as they wish. There is not any other company which is or has been linked to the management, development and marketing of as many care centers or communities in the US.

At Life Care Services, they believe (as many other people) that the retirement years are the best years in the life of any person and that is why that everything that they do is focused in satisfying the needs of the people who have chosen the LCS centers to live. Life Care Servicesis based on several principles which are: to serve the customer first and foremost, being persistent and careful, to be interrelated but mutually dependent, to keep a preservative long term perspective and finally deal sincerely and fairly with honesty and honor.


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