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Apple Health Care Creates a New Kind of Nursing Home Care

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Each facility of Apple Health Care operates as a home that gives a great quality of life to its residents. The caregivers of Apple Health Care make rich contributions to the lives of every resident. The philosophy of this nursing home is based on providing a ?Better Life? to every single resident. Apple Health Care has created environments where people are proud to work and live. The families of the residents are more involved and the caregivers develop instant rapport with them; the relationships between the residents and the caregivers are as strong as possible. Apple Health Care has 25 nursing homes: one in Massachusetts, two in Rhode Island and 22 in Connecticut. These homes offer specialized services such as: dementia and hospice care, Alzheimer?s and short-term rehabilitation.

The owner of Apple Health Care is Brian Foley. According to a consumer magazine, Foley is the top private provider of nursing home care in the United States. Professionals and consumers are aware of the excellence of Apple Health Care. Each facility of Apple Health Care has a capable staff of medical professionals that offer services such as: Mobility Retraining, Therapeutic Exercise, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Balance Activities, Ultrasound, Dining and Dressing Skills, Meal Preparation Training, Verbal and Non-Verbal Communications Techniques and Cognitive and Memory Retention Programs, among others. Apple Health Care also offers a wide variety of recreational activities. Some of these activities are: Religious and Pastoral Services, Gardening, Cooking Clubs and Holiday Celebrations.


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