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Advocat Inc.: Compassion, Excellence and Responsibility

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Advocat Inc. is a health company which offers long term care services to residents of assisted living facilities and nursing home patients especially in the Southeastern zone of the US. The products utilized by the company which are in stock are usually traded over the market under the slogan AVCA. Advocat is based in several philosophies and values as well as a defined mission; this is due to guarantee the users a good service and the use of excellent professionals.

The main goal or specific mission of Advocat is a threefold slogan which is ?Committed to compassion, striving for excellence and serving responsibly?. The whole personnel of the company works under the next philosophies: always provides the provision of quality care at the most adequate level of service and quality, progress on a continuous excellence improvement of the social and health services to the people of the communities that the company serves, always respect the interests, aspirations and needs of the people they serve and finally support the personal well being and professional growth of all the staff of the company.

To support these philosophies the stuff of Advocat is also based in several values which are the main guide to accomplish with the main goal of the company. Those values are: you must always treat the people in the same manner, in which you would like to be treated, to promote and emphasize the skills of all the workers, promote responsibly the individual creativity to satisfy the needs and conditions in healthcare, use the resources in the most efficient way and finally improve the nature of the contribution as a service provider.


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