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ABCM Corporation: Improving Life

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The ABCM Corporation delivers long term care to the disabled, infirm and elderly citizens of Iowa. This corporation tries to give the best care to the residents, providing the ideal environment and meeting all the legal requirements necessary to do so. On October 19, 1961, George M. Manoylovich experienced some concern about the conditions of the nursing homes of Iowa; this was the beginning of the ABCM Corporation. Manoylovich searched for the answers that he needed and began to develop the plans and specifications for a modern center that could solve this problem. He was able to build the first modern care facility of Hampton. This building was unlike any other because at the time most nursing homes were old remodeled houses.

In ABCM, superior care is something that is considered essential in the process of helping other people live a full life. All the facilities of this corporation help people gain independence and develop self esteem by offering a pleasant and friendly environment to live combined with outstanding medical and rehabilitative care. Each facility of ABCM Corporation has green houses, scenic views, pleasant surroundings, wooden areas and spacious dining areas. The facilities of ABCM specialize in Telephone Guardian Assurance, Adult Day Service, Respite Care, Traumatic Brain Injury Care, Skilled Nursing and Alzheimer?s Care. Some of these facilities are: Allison Health Care Center, Belmond Health Care Center, Colonial Manor of Elma, Concord Care Center, Dumont Wellness Center, Hallmark Care Center, Morning Sun Care Center and Park View Care Center.


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