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White County Medical Center: Improving Quality

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White County Medical Center was established in 1967. It began with a 50 bed facility. It is a non profit hospital. In the 1970s, the medical center expanded its facility for 124 more licensed beds. This expansion included the opening of a third floor, a new critical care unit, an emergency department extension, a Labor, delivery and Recovery (LDR), the latest rehabilitation unit, a medical office complex, a MRI unit, a new cardiac catheterization lab, medical records, cardiopulmonary, pharmacy, emergency services, materials management, environmental services, the first ambulatory care facility (3 surgical rooms and 2 scope rooms), radiology and an extension of the outpatient surgery and the physical therapy facilities.

All the expansion had a cost of more than $16 million and was completed in 1998, developing more than twice the size of the first facility. In 2002, it developed a $38 million extension with more than 200,000 square feet for the hospital, 40,000 square feet for fifty two patient rooms, a state of the art Life Center, the latest in outpatient services, a critical care unit, general surgery, a gift shop, a cafeteria, physical therapy, a lab, a chapel, radiology and more waiting areas.

White County Medical Center is focused on a continuous improvement of the quality patient health care service, including the improvement on areas such as: human resources and technology. It is affiliate to the VHA.

White County Medical Center provides high quality services, such as: Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation, a Cancer Center, a Critical Care, Diabetes and Wound Care Center, Emergency Medical Service, Industrial and Occupational Medicine, Home Health Care, an Imaging Center, Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum Suites, a Universal Hearing and Screening Program, a Fetal Monitoring System, Outpatient Rehabilitative Services, an outpatient Care Facility, Primetimes, River Oaks Village, Speaker's Bureau, Sports Medicine and White County Outpatient Surgery.


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