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Tempe St. Luke?s Hospital: Prestige Offering Health Care Services

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Tempe St. Luke?s Hospital has a 109 bed facility. It is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and has more than 300 certificated physicians and surgeons. The hospital began in 1944 as a 10 bed facility serving the Williams Air Force Base in Mesa. Since that date, they began to expand up to what they are now: the best health care service in the east of Mesa. Today, they are part of St. Luke?s Health System. Strong values such as compassion to any patient, integrity to conduct in an ethical and honest manner, excellence and innovative services and programs guide their actions.  


The hospital has a 24 hour Emergency Room that is ready to provide service to every patient that comes in. The hospital also includes Medical Imaging and a Diagnostic Center which has ultrasound, nuclear medicine, Computerized Tomography scanning, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, an interventional cardiac laboratory with the latest in 3D digital technology and Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS).   


Tempe St. Luke?s Hospital offers services such as: critical care, pain management, a sleep disorders center, surgical services, a wish center, wound care, a gift shop and pastoral care. This place is qualified to treat many illnesses. They have specialized technicians in many branches and a philosophy that makes them the best choice of health care service. This philosophy is: treat any problem aggressively, even the smallest one.


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