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Maricopa Integrated Health System: High Quality Healthcare

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Maricopa Integrated Health System has 10 community centers that focus on family health care. These centers include: the Arizona Burn Center, the Comprehensive Healthcare Center, the McDowell Healthcare and Maricopa Medical Center, which is the leading training center for nationwide doctors. It is managed by a board composed of 5 representatives of the districts of Maricopa County. It is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).


Maricopa Integrated Health System offers health care for all the residents of Maricopa County. It serves pay or non pay patients regardless of nationality and race. It has more than 20,000 admissions per year. It is focused on improving health and providing the highest quality health care. It has a 449 bed facility that includes an emergency department, 3 Level I Trauma Centers and 190 beds for housing.


Maricopa Integrated Health System has foundations, some are: the  Maricopa Health Foundation, the Maricopa Medical Foundation, the Maricopa Pediatric Foundation and Graduate Medical Education. They are supported with finances from the MIHS and assist patients to satisfy all their needs.


Maricopa Integrated Health System has a large variety of medical services such as: patient information, automated teller machines, case manager, a chapel, Food services (cafeterias, vending machines), a gift shop, a staff that prepares patients to go home, interpretation services, medications, Pharmacy, Security, No Smoking Policy, and Transportation.


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