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Benson Hospital: Providing Quality Support to the Benson Community

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Benson Hospital began in 1970.At that time, it had a 22-bed facility and provided a high-quality health care service with a competitive cost. In the 1970s, it was used to film a movie called ?Rage?. It begun as a small community hospital focused on satisfying only the general needs. Then, the Hospital grew and could have an overpowering Emergency Room.


Today, Benson Hospital gives service all around the three major highways of Benson (Interstate 10, State Highway 80 and State Highway 90) to many residents and more than a 100 of winter visitors. Moreover, it provides specialized services and programs such as cardiology, rehabilitation, pain management, orthopedics, hearing, podiatry, and mammography.


The Benson Hospital staff includes well recognized physicians: Barbara Hartley, MD; Jeffrey Beeley, MD; L. Michael LeSueur, MD; Michael Gray, MD; Carter Mayberry, MD; Andrew Mayberry, MD; Thomas Pettinger, DO; Jimmie McCraw, FNP-C; James H. Myer, MD; Helen LeClair, PT; Cindy Anthony, OT; Amparo Ortiz Martin, ST; Robert Osborne, MD; Laurence Susini, MD; and Kara Montes, DPM.


It offers many and varied services. Inpatient service provides sensitive care and swing beds, drug therapies and hospice care. Surgical care offers 22 sensitive care beds with cardiac monitor. The swing bed facility focuses on satisfying all the needs of patients that require long term or respite care. It also has laboratory and radiology departments to deliver the results of the tests fast and an Emergency department opened 24 hours with a staff trained in trauma, respiratory and cardiac care.


The Susan G. Komen Foundation supports the Benson Hospital with education to prevent diseases and free clinical tests, mammograms and X-ray readings for the people who cannot pay them. Benson Hospital also provides free blood pressure tests.


Benson Hospital grants its community programs designed to promote a health of quality. An example of these programs is a Senior Health Fair that the hospital is developing. It includes free blood pressure, cholesterol, hearing and glucose tests and presents some speeches given by the local doctors. It has support programs for different diseases such as diabetes, cancer and bereavement.


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