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Wrangell Medical Center: Providing a Health Care Service of Quality

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Wrangell Medical Center began in 1968 when the Bishop Rowe Hospital was relocated. Currently, it provides preventive, emergency and selected services to one of the oldest non-native community in Alaska. It has a long-term care facility with more than 14 licensed beds. It is managed by a selected board of directors of the city of Wrangler who are in charge of selecting the administrator of the hospital. The Center focuses on improving the health of all the community members, supporting the dignity and importance of all patients, and educating the community and local health suppliers? continually.


Wrangell Medical Center has 22 beds ready to receive any patient. All the rooms have color television, telephone, piped in suction, oxygen and electrically operated beds. It has registered licensed and certificated nurses and a full-time staff. It also has a specialized clinic called Stikine Family Clinic, which provides the following specialties: audiology, pulmonology, dermatology, entolaryngology, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, optometry, orthopedics, pathology, pediatrics, podiatry, radiology and general surgery.


Wrangell Medical Center has service units such as emergency, cardiac care, dietary, laboratory, obstetrics, physical therapy, special care, surgery, X-ray department, additional support, housekeeping and maintenance, and laundry.


At Wrangell Medical Center, all the patients must register in the front desk and give all the insurance information. It is advisable not to bring jewelry or a large amount of money because the hospital is not responsible of any lost of personal values. The physicians sometimes ask for tests before the appointment, which have to be done in the registered time. The visitors are confident, but they also have to check with the nursing staff prior. All meals are provided by the Dietary department.


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