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Flowers Hospital

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Flowers Hospital began in 1950 by Dr. Paul Flowers, as a regional healthcare service with 12 beds.  It includes one room for labor delivery and one room to surgery, an emergency room, which was the office of Dr. Flowers. The doctors that provided services in the hospital were Dr. Paul Flowers, Doctors Robert Crawford, William Ball, Percy Hopkins, and Theron McFatter, Dr. Jimmy Jones, and Dr. Davis Haughton.


In 1975, 2 cardiologists, Dr. Ron Harrell and Dr. James Sawyer, began working with Dr. Flowers. They were the first to practice locally and improve a cardiology program.

In reality, the hospital has a 235 care beds, medical, surgical, cardiac care and cardiovascular intensive care units (one for each department) and 38 post surgery beds. It has the latest technology, for example MRI, CT Scanner, LINAC Scalpel, Angiojet, Electrophysiology Laboratory, 2 Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories and a Coincidence Imaging Equipment. 


Flowers Hospital has more than 1,200 employees and is the second largest employer in Houston County.


It is a vital facility of the Triad Hospitals, which satisfies the healthcare need of the south Alabama, southwest Georgia and northwest Florida. 


Flowers Hospitals is always searching for the highly qualified and dedicated professionals to fill a variety of full and part time jobs. It also treats all the patients as though they were family. Some of the benefits working here include medical insurance (Blue Cross and Blue Shield), dental and vision plan, life or dependent life insurance, 401K, Long and Short Term Disability, Flexible Spending Account, Employee Stock Purchase Plan, paid time off (vacation, holidays and some short term illnesses and education assistance.


Flowers Hospital provides services like a Cardiac Catheterization Lab, which is equipped to analyze the problems of the heart; Cardiovascular surgery (open heart surgery); Critical Care, has five intensive units; CT Scanner, scanner and diagnose body parts with very similar tissue structure; Digestive disorders Center, has procedures and treatment for intestine and related structures; Emergency, works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week;  Fetal Monitoring, has fetal monitor that displays the fetal heartbeat; Labor and Delivery, specialized unit for the labor, delivery and recovery process;  Laboratory (Pathology) has the latest equipment to test specimens, fluids or tissues from patients; Magnetic Resonance Imaging, displays images of the body in thin tomographic sections; Neurological Testing, has some procedure to test like Electroencephalogram, Nerve Conduction Velocity, Electromyogram and Electronystagmogram; Nuclear Cardiology, which displays radionuclide imaging of the heart; Obstetrics, has a full maternity services and many more services.


Flowers Hospital has a wide variety of opportunities like Community Education Programs, Nursing Education Programs, and Certified Surgical Technologist Program.


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