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Crestwood Medical Center

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Crestwood Medical Center has more than 120 beds, 465 physicians and 50 doctors of different specialties. It offers a high quality personalized care to patients. 


Crestwood Medical Center provides a high quality healthcare with an attractive cost to the people in the community. Its quality services are guided by respect, compassion, integrity, efficiency and responsiveness.


Crestwood Medical Center has developed centers of excellent services like the bariatric center, maternity center, behavioral health services, outpatient services, cardiology, pinpoint surgery, center for sleep disorders, special procedures, center of hope cancer care, surgery, clinical laboratory, therapy services and sports care, diagnostic services, women's services and emergency services.


At Crestwood Medical Center, nursing is a vital partnership with the rest of the hospital members. The Nurses are an integral part of the partnership. That is why Crestwood Medical Center created the Nursing Leadership Group (NLG). The Nursing Leadership Group allows to develop a partnership and to advance the level of care provided to the patients. The key plan of the NLG staff is communication, education, leadership and auxillary support.


The members of the Nursing Leadership Group are full or part time, with at least 6 months on the job. The objectives of the group are to assist with continual improvement of nursing services, improve the skills of the members, and to establish a heightened awareness of excellence in nursing. The NLG keeps the Crestwood Medical Center local Board of Trustees notified of all the NLG activities and manages a high customer satisfaction and physician agenda or any type of doctor. It also provides an open forum, where all concerns are discussed between the Physician Leadership Group and the Triad Leadership.


For patients, Crestwood Medical Center has cafeteria, vending machines, family accommodations, and discount in hotels for patients? families, waiting areas, food and nutrition services, patient advocacy program, case management, map and parking, visiting hours, healthcare insurance, housekeeping services and nurse call services. All of this is done to provide the maximum comfort for the patient.


Crestwood Medical Center offers benefits such as easy sign-up and low annual fees, special membership, access to screening events, outings and trips, health forums, and local and national discount vendors.


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