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Baptist Health System Serves Alabama

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Baptist Health System is the largest healthcare system in the state of Alabama. They operate 9 hospitals across the northern and central part of the state.


Baptist Health System facilities are: Cherokee Baptist, Citizens Baptist, DeKalb Baptist, Montclair Baptist, Princeton Baptist, Shelby Baptist, Walker Baptist, and Cullman Regional Medical Center.


Baptist Health System is committed to serve through compassion, excellence, resourcefulness, integrity and advocacy.


The Baptist Health Foundation Inc. is a branch of the Baptist Health System that has the responsibility to receive charity gifts from individuals, corporation, foundations, government agencies and any other entity.


Baptist Health System has another branch: the Health Choice Logo, they give systems to physicians and hospitals. They have more than 5,900 physicians and 89 hospitals in their PPO network. Health Choice provides their systems to companies like Aetna, Mutual of Omaha, Prudential, Principal, Buffalo Rock, B E & K, Home Depot, Southwest Airlines, Time Warner and UPS.


Baptist Home Health Equipment sales and leases respiratory care products and other long-lasting medical equipment allowing patients to recuperate in theirs home.


LabFirst provides high quality labwork in an appropriate manner allowing physicians to analyze and treat patients.


Baptist Health System developes Residency programs in two hospitals: Montclair and Princeton. Their full time members provide the best education to their residents and rotating students. These programs have the best personal and professional support, preparation and publication of clinical vignettes.


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