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Tenet Healthcare Corporation Changes the Industry

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Tenet Healthcare Corporation has subsidiaries that own and operate hospitals providing delicate and health care services. This is done in the best possible way so that their patients can recognize Tenet?s focus on quality and a cost efficient service. They want to share their values with their partners.   

Tenet intends to redefine the health care business and become leader in the industry. It has passionate employees and partners that consider that the quality of innovative care services is vital to each community that they serve.

In 1994, Tenet developed an ethics program called Ethics & Business Conduct department. The program identifies reviews, analyzes and coordinates all the ethical questions and issues that surge in Tenet based institutions in their Standards of Conduct.

Tenet knows that the development and maintenance of ethical standards ensures better business practices. That is the reason why they promote activities that support this effort, their Ethics Action Line (EAL) and their annual ethics sessions. These initiatives are held for all their employees and their board of directors.

The subsidiaries of Tenet own and operate 18,445 licensed beds and 73 acute care hospitals in 13 states offering many medical services.

Customer service and patient care have always been their main concern. With this focus they realize that their employees and partners make the difference.

Health care in the United Sates has always had to deal with the frustration of patients and employees. Tenet wants to make a difference by changing this reality into better work places, where medicine can be better practiced.


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