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Trinity Health International (THI) Helps Improve Your Health

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Mercy International Health Services changed its name to Trinity Health International (THI). For over 20 years, this company has provided technical assistance, training and management and consulting services to governments and ministries of health.

THI is a subsidiary of Trinity Health, the largest non-profit healthcare system of the U.S. THI has around 40,000 employees and 46 hospitals. It provides high quality service to its clients with its various long-term care facilities, home health and hospice programs. This company has run more than 170 healthcare projects in 39 countries.

Trinity Health has a mission to help improve health in their communities by healing body, mind and spirit.  The company has important values like compassion, respect, excellence, social justice and a strong sense of caring for others.

It has created around 170 projects. Some of them are nine hospitals in Australia, mental health and substance abuse services in Micronesia, management training in Tanzania and management of two hospitals in Saudi Arabia.  

Some of the services THI offers are training, technical assistance, consulting, management, a series of seminars, equipment and supply donation and emergency services.

The trainings are designed to surpass patient needs by improving clinical, technical and managerial skills.

It assists and advices about several areas through its technical assistance service. It manages hospitals, its own departments and health care programs.

Trinity Health provides consulting in subjects like Hospital Operations Assessment, Finances, Facility Planning and Architectural Designs, Primary Health Services, Privatization of Health Care Services, Managed Care and Information Systems.


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