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Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) Wants to Make a Difference

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Dr. Thomas Frist Sr. and some physicians built Park View Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee in the early 1960?s; by mid 1960?s Dr. Frist seeks for a group that could manage the hospital providing the capital necessary to expand and maintain the best medical technology available. Thomas Frist, his son Jack and C. Massey decided to start a hospital management company of their own in 1968. The name of the company was Hospital Corporation of America, today they are known as HCA.       

HCA is based in Nashville, Tennessee; they are the leading providers of healthcare services in the United States. The company is in charge of 191 hospitals and 82 surgery centers in 23 states, England and Switzerland.

Their commitment is the improvement of life. This improvement is achieved with the kind of service that they provide. High quality care is what they bring to the communities that they serve. 

They acknowledge that each person is unique and valuable and that is the reason why every patient deserves to be treated with compassion and kindness. Some of their values are trust, honesty, integrity and fairness. These values are used not only in their business but also in their life.   

HCA has a strong community giving and volunteering program that influences the culture that the company wants to encourage in their employees assuring a stronger relationship with their neighbors in every hospital that they manage.

They offer health screenings in local communities, participate in walkathons, marathons, volunteer in any event that demands it and sponsor charities.


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