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Catholic Healthcare West: Service Without Limits

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This Hospital system was founded in 1986; they are eight among the largest hospital systems in the United States. 

Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) has 40 hospitals and medical centers in Arizona, Nevada and California with headquarters in San Francisco, California and they are also the largest not-for-profit hospital provider in California.

Their environment is compassionate and adapted to all the physical, mental and spiritual needs of their patients. Approximately 40,000 employees and more than 7,500 physicians are committed to provide the best health care services to the four million patients that visit the hospital every year.

CHW is a company that has strong values. They focus on Medical and business Ethics; their main values are: dignity, justice, collaboration and excellence.

Their partnership with the San Francisco Giants allows them to develop a strong bond with the Bay Area community. CHW is the official health care provider of this MLB team.  

Catholic Healthcare West considers that spirituality is a key dimension of life and for that reason they also offer spiritual care services. The integration of body, mind and spirit is helpful in times of crisis. This whole integration helps dealing with sickness and personal loses, maintains health and helps us adjust to any change in life.
CHW has an interesting definition of health. They view it as more than just the absence of disease, for them the overall health of a person or community is determined by the level of mental, spiritual and environmental well being.


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